Friday, 17 May 2013

Brace yourselves, Malmö

Something terrible happened today.

I had risen early, wide-eyed with excitement - what with it being Eurovision Eve and all - and eagerly clicked onto my Eurovision playlist as I wandered about finding clothes and brushing teeth.

Then it happened.

It became apparent, after fifteen minutes or so, that rather than a shuffled mix of all my Euro favourites totalling approximately forty songs and including a varied mix of crazy beats and genres, this particular morning there were only FOUR SONGS being played.  An endless loop of, quite frankly, the more mediocre of the crop, booming out from my bedroom as I bathed and abluted for the day ahead.  I hurried back to find out the exact nature of the problem.

Then it hit me.

During a recent phone upgrade, it appears that in my hastiness at getting set up and ready to roll, I didn't allow sufficient time for my iTunes library to transfer to my new phone.  As you can imagine, I was beside myself.  Shallow breaths, tear-stung eyes and a crushing sense of frustrated disappointment ensued for several minutes.

It was hell.

Anyway, then I remembered the cloudy thing in the sky, plugged my phone into my laptop, and the erroneous songs seemed to upload themselves back to where they should be.  Crisis averted.  Phew.

However, experiencing such a near-miss propelled me into having a back up plan in case such a trauma should ever happen again.  So, with that in mind, and for your listening pleasure, I am pleased to introduce some of my favourite ESC songs ever.  If this doesn't get you in the mood for tomorrow night, then there is no humanity.

Denmark - 2010
In A Moment Like This sung by Chanee and N'evergreen.  Quite simply the best ESC song ever and it didn't even win.  They woz robbed!

Lithuania - 2006
We Are The Winners sung by LT United.  Lovely, silly, funny yet… like... totally serious.    

Ireland - 1992
Why Me sung by Linda Martin
If you haven't sung this into your empty wine bottle on a Friday night home alone, then YOU SIMPLY HAVEN'T LIVED.

Malta - 1992
Little Child sung by Mary Spiteri
Not content with just the one key change, this soaring power-ballad balls stuffs them in, and has prompted many a standing ovation in my lounge.  (Again, on a Friday night, home alone.  It doesn't happen that often.  Honest.)

Right, I could do this all night, but the magical day is almost here.  I shall leave you to giddy yourselves into a tizz, and then get a good night's sleep.  For tomorrow, tomorrow we take on THE WORLD.*

*not strictly true**

**It is just the qualifying countries that make up part of the European Broadcasting Union.  But, still.


  1. Have yourself a splendid evening. I hope you're entertained, outraged and amused in all the right proportions.

    1. I am sitting on hands and rocking in anticipation!